Meaningful gifts for children

At Christmas or birthdays around the country, the scene is the same for so many children – an excited frenzy of tearing off colourful wrapping paper to reveal an oversized cardboard box covered in bright designs that is, itself, gouged open in order to reveal the plastic goodies inside. Plastic goodies that will soon break or become discarded, part of a box of ubiquitous toys that soon loose their shine. Giving toys to children definitely has its high points, but ultimately every toy dulls and breaks. The plastic shining dolls of yesteryear become trampled underfoot, the spaceship with lights and sounds that were so important just one Christmas ago left forgotten under the bed. And each year the same scramble for the latest things that will mean little in such a short space of time.

Why not give something that will last? Something which will be treasured?

Children, both boys and girls, love receiving jewellery. Sterling silver is perfect for a long lasting and beloved present for our children. Long after the toys have been relegated to their boxes and put away for the night, that special piece of jewellery will be gazed at and held close. Silver is that much more tangible than a throw-away material like plastic. We all know the joy of holding something cool and shining in our hands. Symbols too, mean a lot to people and are shared between the receiver and the giver. A well chosen piece becomes something which identifies us, and when worn close to the skin forms a sentimental bond which is hard to replicate with any other gift. Our sterling silver children’s jewellery is more than a single piece too. Children especially value the luxury of the box, the packaging forming a first bond between them and their gift. Not glossy cardboard of a toy’s box, ready to be immediately recycled, but instead a case to hold their precious treasure and take pride of place on a dressing table top or mantlepiece as part of the display.  Sterling silver jewellery brings children a sense of pride – they will show off the piece just as adults do, and receive the admiration and envy of their peers. A flash of luxurious richness to complement their finest clothes or new haircut. Kept close and special, loved for years. Children’s jewellery really is the perfect present for any occasion.

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